Previous shows Kivi has been in

TEATRON: Conversations With My Father

by Herb Gardner

November 11–December 2, 2007

I stage managed this, TEATRON's Fall 2007 show.

London Community Players: The Petrified Forest

by Robert Emmet Sherwood

January 26–February 4, 2007

I played Alan Squier, the itinerant philosopher, in the London Community Players' out-of-festival show for WODL.

Or Shalom Theatre Troupe: A Rosen By Any Other Name

by Israel Horovitz

Sept. 6–12, 2006

I played Manny Buxbaum, cousin to the protagonist, in the Or Shalom Theatre Troupe's 2006-2007 major production.

London Community Players: Autumn Blooming

by Fred Jacob

July 21–22, 2006

I played Skelton Spiller, one of the three children, in the London Community Players' Minifest entry.

Eccentric Circle Productions: Ghostwritten

by Helen Patterson

May 8 and 11, 2006

I played Anthony, a stuck-up actor who gets his due, in Eccentric Circle's submission to the 2006 London One Act Festival.

London Community Players: Shadowlands

by William Nicholson

March 16–26, 2006

I played Christopher Riley, an Oxford Don and friend to C.S. Lewis, in this London Community Players production.

Or Shalom Theatre Troupe: The God of Isaac

by James Sherman

Sept. 21–25, 2005

I played Isaac Adams, the protagonist, in the Or Shalom Theatre Troupe's 2005-2006 major production.

Or Shalom Theatre Troupe: Village of Idiots

by John Lazarus

June 22–29, 2003

I played Yosef, the Outsider, in the Or Shalom Theatre Troupe's 2003-2004 major production.

UWO Summer Shakespeare: All's Well that Ends Well

by William Shakespeare

Summer, 1997

I played the Clown, in UWO's Summer Shakespeare's 1997 production.

UWO Summer Shakespeare: Twelfth Night

by William Shakespeare

Summer, 1996

I played Lord Valentine, in UWO's Summer Shakespeare's 1996 production.

FASS: The REEL Thing


February, 1993

I played Lester Naround, an agent of the Feds, in UW's FASS' 1993 production.

FASS: Please Do Not Adjust Your Set


February, 1991

I played Ben D. Rules, a television studio employee, in UW's FASS' 1991 production.

FASS: FASSical Studies


February, 1990

I played a nerd engineer in UW's FASS' 1990 production.

A.B. Lucas Secondary School: The Frogs

by Aristophanes


I played Pluto, Lord of the Underworld.

A.B. Lucas Secondary School: Everyman


I played Death. That was fun.